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Our Story

Behind every success story there is usually a woman, and in our case, there are four. We are all business savvy, experienced in e-commerce and live in Klaukkala.

Initially we became acquainted through work, but have become good friends over the years. One evening we gathered together to cook and chat about the latest joys and hardships we were each going through (we are all regular working mom’s, battling the clock and our guilty consciences!) The conversation took a turn to our local community. Despite living in a serene setting of peaceful nature - a great counterbalance to the hectic business world we inhabited during the daytime - we still felt that something was missing. We realised that it was the absence of small, personal businesses that we felt was amiss. It seemed that every month there was more news of another florist, independent bookshop or cafe closing its shutters and calling it quits.

It was as if we were all thinking the same thing - ‘if only I’d remembered to swing by there that one time; if only I hadn’t been so busy!’ That’s when one of us suggested: 'why don’t we do something about it? Look at us sitting here - we have the knowledge and the drive to make a change.' Another added: 'think about Uber, Wolt and Airbnb. Traditional business models are constantly being put under threat due to better alternatives. It is possible to see this idea through, we just need to get to work.'

Many of us want to make ethical, ecologically conscious purchase decisions that support local small businesses, but there’s a problem. The days easily roll by with never-ending commutes and long days at the office, topped off with that exhausting grocery trip each day. People simply don’t have time to search for alternatives, and quite frankly, there is very little information out there that connects us to small businesses. Although we are increasingly environmentally conscious, ethically predisposed and keen to shop local, it’s just easier for us to shop at large supermarkets and global e-commerce platforms.

In order to do something about this, we created Our goal is to make finding local products and services as easy and effortless as shopping on Zalando or Amazon. We believe that it's important to for communities to maintain a diversity of options and to grow through ecological guiding principles. Behind every small business there is a story, one which we believe needs to be shared. Great acts are often small, and sometimes the greatest thing one can do is to buy from a small business. 

We are here for YOU:


Viivi is a sales woman through and through. Her strength’s lie in developing digital platforms and she is currently in charge of developing the digital marketing and e-commerce presence at Bauhaus. In her free time, Viivi is active in the scouting community. 



Tuula has been in the IT industry for nearly 15 years. She’s worked both domestically and abroad in the sales, marketing and business development spheres. Tuula is a passionate ambassador for team work and creating structure. Her free time is spent relaxing on the tennis court. 



Tia is the creative soul of the group. She visualises overarching service concepts and puts her heart into creating user and customer experiences in various service- and user interface design projects. She has over 15 years experience in graphic design, as well as website and programme design. Tia is also a yogi at heart.



Sirkku’s passion lies in business development through the lens of customers and merchants. She has been involved in a wide range of digital business projects over her ten-year career and has a strong understanding of future digital opportunities. Sirkku finds her zen and inspiration for new ideas whilst in the forest, foraging for mushrooms. 


Together we are strong

Together we make an unbeatable dream team with the know-how, professionalism  and drive to fight for the future of small businesses. Nearby is a platform where small businesses can share their unique stories and better reach their audiences. Consumers are growingly interested in buying local - these products and services just need to be made more easily accessible. 


This is how Nearby works

We offer small businesses a modern, high quality sales channel that improves their visibility and discoverability. Customers get a handy platform where they can search for and shop from local businesses within their communities. In a nutshell - we help small businesses succeed in the face of an increasingly competitive landscape and we help consumers find their favourite products and services nearby.