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What is Nearby?

Nearby is a platform where you can shop high quality products and services from Finnish small businesses. At our core, we promote locality. 

Our goal at Nearby is to make it easier to find the products and services of Finnish small businesses, thereby supporting locality and diverse communities. We make it quick and easy to shop from Finnish small businesses and possibly also from shops within your local community.
We help small businesses succeed in the face of an increasingly competitive landscape and we help consumers find their favourite products and services nearby. Each customers, merchant, partner and even the occasional visitor is important to us and enables our existence. 

We are here for small businesses and consumers who value Finnish-made products.

When selecting businesses to join the Nearby platform, the most important selection criteria include: ethical and ecological production - in terms of both product manufacturing and sourcing of raw materials - as well as the aesthetics and quality of materials which guarantee the longevity of the product. First and foremost, however, we pay attention to whether the product makes us smile. Namely, we have found that when a product brings a smile to our face, it also meets our other selection criteria! Our concept of feel-good products means that every time you buy from us, you know that you are supporting a Finnish small business. As the majority of products are designed and manufactured in Finland, including raw materials, at least 95% of the total value of your purchases will remain in Finland.

We hope that our products bring joy and pleasure to each of your days, both special and mundane. 

We are constantly developing our website and any improvement suggestions you may have are welcome. If you can't find the company or product you are looking for in the store, get in touch!

Thank you for supporting small businesses. Together we are more. ❤️